Legislation Mark Deetz
Promotion TBD
Quality Concrete Conference Kevin Piper / Donald Hostettler / Tyson Vogt
Convention Jeff Bryan / Mike Willman / Tate Sutton
Long-Range Planning Dwight Williams
Technical Mike Willman
Associates Mike Willman / Tyler Jensen
Safety and Environmental Mike Kuhns (Concrete) / TJ Hyland (Aggregate)
Scholarship, Education, Training Stan Poff
Membership Committee Joel Sedlacek / Eric Nielsen
National Reports Mike Arps


Legislation Committee: A standing committee with its emphasis in the Nebraska Legislature. Members of the Association serve as cost-free lobbyist for the Association on all matters of importance to our members.

Promotion Committee:  The cornerstone of the Association, this committee works to expand and develop the uses for sand, gravel, limestone, and ready mixed concrete. From seminars with engineers, architects, and contractors to “Neb. Guides” and computer services with the Nebraska Extension Service, this committee strives to get the information out to help sell our products.

Quality Concrete Conference:  This annual event is held in two Nebraska locations to better serve the needs of our membership. The activity is as titled, with special emphasis on the new technology, and review of the fundamentals. Every fifth year this conference includes vendor booth displays.

Convention Committee:  Their main objective rests in putting together a great annual convention. The convention features excellent speakers covering new ideas and equipment necessary to the growth of our industry. In addition to a pleasant learning experience you will find the convention to be a most enjoyable time for you and your spouse. There is a spouse program during the meetings and plenty of fellowship throughout the annual gathering of members.

Long Range Planning Committee:  Formulate long-term goals and objectives for proper functioning of the association. Meet periodically to determine if these goals are being met, and re-evaluate the goals making recommendations to the Board for revisions if deemed necessary. Membership to this committee is Past Presidents only.

Technical Committee:  This committee keeps our members informed on the latest developments in sand, gravel, and limestone production, concrete design, specifications, and test methods. They have created a working relationship with the Nebraska Department of Transportation through mini-seminars with district personnel and annual meetings with the State Engineer and his staff. The committee is available to give information to assist members in solving their technical problems.

Associates Committee:  Assist and serve as a supportive group to the Association. An annual service seminar is put on by this committee focusing on maintenance of the equipment needs of the membership.

Safety and Environmental Committee:  New laws and rule changes from EPA, OSHA, and MSHA are posted in the Association newsletter. The Association also maintains an up-to-date file on all pertinent information pertaining to these organizations.

Scholarship Committee:  The Association offers scholarships to students at the College of Architecture and Agriculture at UNL and the College of Engineering at UNO who best demonstrate the use of concrete in building design.

Membership Committee:  This committee meets regularly to try to develop or discuss new members for the Association.