Registration Tips

How to register:
1. Click on class
2. SELECT TYPE OF REGISTRATION Choose an option from the pull down menu
3. Participant(s) & Address(es) for Shipping Textbooks registrants & contact phone number* Type information in expanding box for all registrants; student cell phone number if possible
4. For 1 or multiple registrations Select number of students you are registering
5. Click ADD TO CART At this step you can review cart or Go to checkout
6. CHECKOUT Billing and Shipping info needed
7. Select payment type.
No additional fees with to be invoiced or credit card payments – just need to call NC&AA office for credit card payments
8. Place order You’re done; You will receive confirming email

If there are any questions or comments, call the NC&AA office 402.325.8414.

Thank you for your interest in the NDOT/ACI training program.