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Associates Committee:

Serves as the collective voice of NC&AA Associate Members; Event responsibilities include Golf Outing and Convention Associate reimbursement for evenings events.

Joel Sedlacek – Central Plains Cement 

Craig Olson – Astec Industries

Brent Jensen – Ash Grove Cement

Convention Committee:

Plan and execute the NC&AA Annual Convention.

Jeff Bryan – Astec Industries

Kyle Poff – Kearney Concrete

Joel Sedlacek – Central Plains Cement

Craig Olson – Astec Industries

Brent Jensen – Ash Grove Cement

Legislative Committee:

Reports on Local Legislation affecting the Concrete and Aggregate industry.

Mark Deetz – Lyman-Richey Corporation

Long Range Planning Committee:

Comprised of Past Presidents and Current Executive Board. Develop long-term strategies, goals & recommendations to enhance the association’s longevity.

Tyson Vogt – Martin Marietta

Membership Committee:

Develop a strategy to find new members for long-term retention. Determine the needs of members and what members have to offer to the association.

Jonny Alexander – NEBCO, Inc.

Zach Ihde – NEBCO, Inc.

National Reports Committee:

Reports on National items affecting the Concrete and Aggregate industry.

Quality Concrete Conference Committee:

Plan and execute the NC&AA Annual Quality Concrete Conference.

​Nick Nice – Lyman-Richey Corporation

​Dustin Messersmith – MasterBuilders Solutions

Cole Wieseler – Paulsen, Inc.

Tim Stentz – NEBCO, Inc.

Safety & Environmental Committee:

Help inform the members of the latest laws and rule changes via the newsletter or board meetings.  Work with the Director to provide the members with seminars and workshops to learn about OSHA, MSHA, NDEQ, and EPA.

Anthony Nisley – Overland Ready Mixed Concrete

Corey Clark – Martin Marietta

Scholarship Committee:

Maintain the yearly fundraising event & monitor the account balance and distribution of scholarships to students in Nebraska who are focused on learning about the concrete and aggregates industry.

Stan Poff – Kearney Concrete

Jason Easter – Beatrice Concrete

Technical Committee:

Assist members in training and provide information on the latest changes in specifications and test methods.

Mike Willman – GCP Applied Technologies

Tim Meier – Arps Red-E-Mix

Ben Ricceri – NEBCO, Inc.

Promotions Committee:

Work with Director to develop, plan and implement promotional education programs and a marketing strategy to promote the Concrete & Aggregate industry’s growth and awareness of the uses and benefits.

​Tyson Vogt – Martin Marietta

Website Committee:

Manage permissions and access to administrative functions of the website. Ensure the site meets accessibility and other usability standards.

​T.J. Hyland – Western Sand & Gravel

​Devon Barrett – Lyman-Richey Corporation