Case Studies


When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Southeastern United States on August 29, 2005, the Sundbergs were ready.

Knowing the risk of hurricanes in coastal Mississippi, the Sundbergs did their homework before breaking ground, by studying the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps to identify where in the flood zone their property was located.


As the nation’s first net-zero school, Richardsville Elementary School sets the gold standard for energy-efficient buildings. With solar panels, geothermal HVAC heating and cooling, and other eco-friendly features, Richardsville Elementary actually produces more energy than it consumes. What helps support these energy-efficient initiatives?

Thorncreek Golf Course

After investing over $7 million in a major facelift for its Thorncreek Golf Course, the city of Thornton, CO was left with an existing 92,000 sq. ft. asphalt parking lot that had been neglected for years. Budgets and timeframe for construction were both tight, presenting a big challenge to city engineers.

Glen Westlake Middle School

The parking lot of Glen Westlake Middle School in Lombard, IL, was badly in need of repair. They sought bids to remove all 40,000 ft2 of asphalt pavement and subbase, and replace it with a heavy duty asphalt pavement. A concrete paving alternate called for 8” concrete over a 10” aggregate base.